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Electronic Materials Processing

Chemical engineering disciplines are deeply involved in the IC manufacturing processes from single crystal growth to final packaging. In our group, mathematical models including heat and mass transport and fluid flow have been developed for ZMR process for SOI structure, horizontal Bridgman process for GaAs crystal growth, HEM process for BGO crystal growth, CVD processes for metal deposition such as aluminum and copper and ICP etcher for etching silicon oxide layer. These models provide insight, deeper understanding of the processes and guidelines to improve and modify the processes. Our group has also worked on the deposition of ferroelectric thin film by sol-gel process and the formation of porous silicon layer by electro-chemical etching. The trend of single wafer module process leads us to work on the development of gas phase cleaning for the next generation IC process.

수행한 연구

[컴퓨터를 이용한 전산 모사]

1. 분자모델링 기법을 이용한 플라스마 식각 및 증착 공정의 해석
2. 화학기계적 연마(CMP)공정의 해석
3. 반도체 식각 공정의 ICP 공정 해석
4. 반도체 배선 공정의 MOCVD 공정 해석
5. SOI구조를 위한 ZMR 공정의 해석
6. GaAs 결정성장을 위한 수평 Bridgman 공정의 해석
7. BGO 결정 성장을 위한 HEM 공정의 해석


1. 가스상 세정공정의 개발
2. 반도체 식각 공정의 ICP 공정 해석
3. 무전해 도금을 이용한 구리박막증착
4. Sol-gel 공정에 의한 강유전체 박막의 형성
5. 전기화학반응에 의한 다공성 실리콘의 제조

Polymer Processing

Polymer melts are usually processed in high temperature environments and non-isothermal effects influence the quality of the final product. Our group has worked on the construction of mathematical models for the spinnerette in fiber spinning and for the coat-hanger die used in sheet extrusion. Composite materials such as metal-coated polymers can enhance the strength or resistance of polymer materials. Electroless plating of copper or nickel is one example and the investigation of the coating mechanism and optimization of this process are in progress in our group.

수행한 연구

1. 압출공정에서 Die 안의 전달현상 해석
2. 방사공정에서 spinnerette 안의 전달현상 해석
3. 고분자 표면에 금속 막의 형성 

Energy and Environment

Efficient operation of the coal-fired boiler can save the energy and minimize the impacts on the environment. Our group is working on the construction of the mathematical model and simulation of coal-fired 500MW class boiler for optimum operation. Resolution of the inconvenience of coal as solid fuel has been tried by mixing with oil or water as COM or CWM. Our group is also working on the measurement of the rheological property of CWM and is trying to find the optimum conditions for delivery and combustion of CWM. Water shortage can be counted as an environmental problem in a broad sense. By 2003, the water reserve ratio will be down to zero domestically. Our group has been working on the analysis and improvement of desalination process of sea water.

수행한 연구

1. 500MW급 석탄 연소로의 해석
2. Coal water mixture의 제조 및 최적화
3. MSF 해수담수화 공정의 열전달 해석

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